What Awaits You

When you sign up for a subscription to The Magnolia Letters, you have taken the first enjoyable step into the heart of another era, with our debut collection of The Mae Walker/Frances Reynolds Letters, set in Georgia during the Great Depression. Through these letters, exchanged between Frances and Mae, you will witness the gradual unfolding of a year in the lives of these two dear friends, as they share their joys as well as their sorrows with one another. 


Each letter is full of Southern history and culture, as well as drama and romance, as even though the story is entirely fictional, the historical setting and events have been carefully researched, and every effort is made to portray them accurately. 

As a subscriber, you will receive two letters a month for twelve months. After you place your order, your first letter will be mailed within three business days of your order, with the remaining letters mailed in the second and fourth weeks of the month.

With each letter, you’ll also receive some surprises, such as recipes, postcards, and other little treasures. Just as the anticipation of waiting for the letters is part of the experience, not knowing exactly what else you will be getting is also part of the fun!

So join us, won’t you, as we embark on a journey to the American South, with a subscription to The Magnolia Letters mailed right to your door!