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How a Subscription to The Magnolia Letters Works

When you sign up for a postal mail subscription to The Magnolia Letters, you have taken the first enjoyable step into the heart of another era, with our debut collection of The Mae Walker/Frances Reynolds Letters, set in Georgia during the Great Depression.

Through these letters, exchanged between Frances and Mae, you will witness the gradual unfolding of a year in the lives of these two dear friends, as they share their joys as well as their sorrows with one another.

With each letter, you’ll also receive some surprises, such as recipes, postcards, and other charming Southern treasures.

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The letters between Frances and Mae are simply wonderful…such a fully realized and rich, good-natured story with a gentle worldview. But these letters are messing with my diet. Now I’m craving blackberry cobbler and buttermilk biscuits!

Jillian W.

The letters are lovely! They are written in English of course, yet speak in a language that transports me to another place and time.

Denise W.

Frances and Mae’s relationship is full of so much empathy and warmth. Each place came alive for me, giving me a slice of the South at this time and place. Plus, I’m basking in the intimacy of letter writing! It really is a lost art. 

Adela R.

Join us as we embark on a journey to the American South with a subscription to The Magnolia Letters mailed right to your door!

With a subscription to The Magnolia Letters, you’ll be transported to another time and place, the Great Depression in the American South. As you enter the world of Mae Walker and Frances Reynolds, it’s almost as if you were looking over each woman’s shoulder as she reads a letter from her friend, and the story of their lives unfolds.

You will not only get to know Frances and Mae, as well as their families, but you’ll also come to a real appreciation for the beauty and history of where they each live, Mae in the rolling Piedmont hills of rural west central Georgia and Frances in lovely coastal Savannah, Georgia.

And just like in days gone by, you will wait in delicious anticipation for each letter to arrive, anxious to find out what has happened in the lives of these two dear friends you have come to know so well. A subscription to The Magnolia Letters is so much more than simply getting letters in the mail, it’s a deeply moving, immersive experience that enables you to enter into the heart of the lives of these two women living in the South at the height of The Great Depression.

Join us, won’t you, with a subscription of your own, and consider giving one to a beloved friend or family member, as a gift of The Magnolia Letters will bring joy and smiles to the recipient each month for a full year.

As the pace of modern life seems to grow ever more frantic, The Magnolia Letters is an oasis of calm, an escape into a world untouched by modern chaos, back to a time when human connections through letters truly mattered. We can’t wait to welcome you into The Magnolia Letters family!