Meet Frances and Mae

Step back into the spring of 1931 in the tiny rural town of Warm Springs, Georgia. Mae Walker and Frances Reynolds have been close friends since childhood, despite their very different personalities. 

Frances has recently moved to the beautiful coastal city of Savannah, Georgia, with her husband William and his parents, where William has taken a position at his wealthy uncle's company. 


Mae and her husband James have six children and live on a small farm outside Warm Springs, and they both work very hard every day to provide for their family.


Frances, uprooted from the comfort and familiarity of her small town, longs for  babies of her own, and has been catapulted into a level of society in Savannah in which she feels completely out of place. 


As Mae and Frances navigate their individual struggles and joys, Mae discovers a bundle of old Civil War-era letters that belonged to her mother. These letters reveal a long-hidden family secret with ties to Savannah.


Intrigued by the mystery, Frances joins Mae in trying to unravel the mystery within the letters, forging a stronger bond than ever between the two friends, even as she faces a shocking betrayal from her own family.

Their letters give readers an intimate glimpse into everyday life on a farm in the rural South, contrasted with life in a quintessentially Southern city during the economic uncertainty of the Great Depression.


Their correspondence is filled with shared sorrows and heartache, fun and laughter, and a generous helping of family drama, as well as romance, history, high society and intrigue, befitting Savannah’s charming yet somewhat mysterious atmosphere.


Join Mae and Frances on a year-long journey through their heartfelt letters, delivered twice a month, and experience the rich tapestry of Southern life and history through The Magnolia Letters

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